We can all “run” with saints!

         Run With Saints is a project of the Ortner Family Foundation designed to help practicing Catholics find thriving Catholic communities at institutions across the country. We believe that an individual’s spiritual, intellectual, and moral formation – with Christ at its center – is better served in community with Catholic peers and mentors, and that isolation and opposition can undermine and weaken faith. As human beings made not for this world but the next, we recognize that we are either growing closer to God or away from Him, and the presence of a solid community is often the difference between the two.

The importance of community on our spiritual and intellectual formation – especially while in college – cannot be overstated.

          The initial target market for Run With Saints is higher education. We help high school juniors and seniors to better understand the Catholic community at the colleges and universities they are considering attending. We do this by collecting reviews from current college students and recent college graduates. We ask specific questions about Mass attendance, chastity among students, level of support from professors and administrators, and other elements of campus culture. Reviews are posted in full on designated pages for each college so users can better understand the campus experience in all areas.

          The primary goal of Run With Saints is to help students decide where to attend college and also to identify groups and professors to seek out once they arrive on campus. A secondary goal is to inspire colleges and universities to better support their Catholic students.

          Please help our cause by leaving a review of your college and sharing colleges.runwithsaints.org with practicing Catholic families who have high school students looking to attend college in the near future!